Nicaragua real estate company.
By MemoConstruction

About us

Why are a contractor enterprise from Toronto and we find potential investor for real estate in nicaragua. We are obsessed with quality and high standards in constructions procedures. We have centred in que quality standard and comfort, and little details. We are experts in the complete process, offering constant feedback in the project and with partners.

We have any expertise in this business in Toronto, Canada. We have many years delivering excellence in all we do.

And now we are in Nicaragua.


Knowing when, where and what to buy represents 25% of the potential profits.


Most of amateur DIY investors trying to save 10% lose out on 30% of potential profit.


A successful multi-family or mixed-use construction project requires organization and team execution.


Investing in Real Estate will help you reach your financial goals sooner.

Why in Nicaragua

 Nicaragua is an excellent country for real estate investors, with many opportunities for profitable projects. Over the years, the Nation’s Capital has become a top real estate market to watch in the Central America region. Investors looking to successfully carry out multi-family and mixed use projects should consider NIcaragua as a interesting market to explore.

 Nicaragua Real Estate Investment and Development

NicaInvestments Inc. is a real estate investments and construction firm that buys, renovates or builds, rents, and holds multi-family and commercial buildings in Nicaragua. According to national government in Nicaragua, this country get guaranties for foreign investor and the private properties investings. We, turn bricks & sticks into income producing, stable assets.



Real estate legal advice

If you need legal advice, don't hesitate. Having our own legal advice with extensive experience in the real estate field makes us more efficient and effective for our clients, enhancing the services we offer our clients. Real estate law includes everything related to real estate and legal certainty in the processes of purchase, sale and leases, among others, as well as the relationships between all those involved in said processes


At NicaInvestments, we strive to offer our services with as little disruption as possible and schedule the job precisely to make sure of no lag time and complete the job as fast as possible. whether you chose to live in the house during remodeling or chose not to, we make it a priority to be conscious of the safety of you and your children and at the end of the day provide a safe and clean space throughout the remodeling period.

Construction Management

Construction Management preparation is the most critical phase of any project. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works with every client to define expectations and assess the needs of your space.


NicaInvestment offers superior service when looking to add on to a home. Whether you are looking for more space in a master bedroom or want to add more rooms and baths. There is no job us cannot build with your budget and needs in mind.

Custom Homes

We can work from your own plans or work with an architect to design a home from start to finish. when building a custom home, you can decide almost all the details in your home and you can even work closely with our team to design a floor plan that works for you. this way you can take advantage of the views you wish to create for your dream home.